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This new series is born out of my time spent each morning  meditating on Gods goodness and His creativity. I am amazed at how His word  is full of  beautiful imagery!  It seems that life takes on new meaning  and hope when I fully SIT with God.  The images are a gift from Him and I hope they will bring hope and joy to those who take time to  look at them.  Some of the images are from dreams, some from my own insecurities and some from my deepest  yearnings. The pieces will be on display the month of Sept 2017 at the RedCup . An artist reception will be held at the RedCup in Mukilteo on 9/14 6-8pm.


Join me this Saturday 6/28  from 12-2pm at Art Spot in Edmonds for a free demo! We will be pulling prints using the new Gelli Plates available at Art Spot.  Try it out yourself and see how this fun and easy printing method!

This series was born as I attempted a challenge for the Day of the Dead by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. My dear husband had recently been on a business trip to Berlin and had taken some fascinating photos of skulls engraved into gothic churches in Berlin. Some of the skulls adorned doorways and others were beneath angels and some donning bat wings. It seems strange to my Western eyes that skulls would be part of a Christian church décor. However, death and reminders of death were probably part of the reality of living back then. Our American way of idolizing youth and “cheating” death keeps us from looking death fully in the face. These pieces were admittedly uncomfortable for me to process, even though I am a hospice nurse who deals with death on a weekly basis. Death is part of life and as a follower of Christ I know that I will live eternally with Him as the scripture says, “O death, where is your victory? O death where is your sting?” 1 Co 15:15. So I took these skulls and added some levity to them through paint and ink. They remind me of lifes impermanence and deaths escort to Eternity. They will be going to Matter Gallery in Olympia, WA.

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